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Charly Suarez defeats Yohan Vasquez via unanimous decision despite broken hand

Charly Suarez defeats Yohan Vasquez via unanimous decision despite broken hand

In a thrilling showdown at the Hard Rock Hotel And Casino Tulsa in Catoosa, OK, on August 26, Charly Suarez of the Philippines demonstrated his resilience and skill as he faced off against Yohan Vasquez of the Dominican Republic. The 10-round junior lightweight bout provided fans with an exciting contest, with Suarez emerging victorious unanimously. The judges’ scores were 98-92, 98-92, and 97-93, all in favor of Suarez.

Iconic victory for Charly Suarez

This win marked a significant achievement for Charly Suarez, who maintained his unbeaten record. The 35-year-old fighter improved his record to an impressive 16-0, with 9 of those victories coming by way of knockout. In contrast, his opponent, 29-year-old Yohan Vasquez, saw his record drop to 25-4, with 20 knockouts and suffered his second consecutive defeat.

Despite the triumph, it was revealed that Suarez had fought through adversity during the bout. He had sustained a broken right hand, which became apparent after removing gloves and hand wraps. Suarez adjusted his stance to adapt to his injury, switching from orthodox to southpaw.

Charly Suarez, known as the “King’s Warrior,” showcased his exceptional skill set during his first bout in the United States. The fight occurred on August 27, 2023,  Manila time, and was part of the undercard for the event promoted by Top Rank Boxing at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The judges’ unanimous decision in favor of Suarez underscored his dominance throughout the match. Steve Murrow and David Sutherland both scored the contest 98-92, while Patricia Morris-German saw it 97-93, all in favor of the Filipino fighter.

The strategic Suarez used in the game

Suarez’s victory resulted from his strategic use of speed and timing to outmaneuver Vasquez. He consistently landed sharp jabs to his opponent’s head and body while maintaining his distance to avoid being cornered by Vasquez against the ropes.

Throughout the early rounds, Suarez demonstrated his quickness, landing stinging right straights and combinations that effectively piled up points. Despite Vasquez’s relentless pressure, Suarez’s defensive skills and agility allowed him to elude dangerous situations.

As the fight progressed, it became increasingly evident that Suarez’s punches were cleaner and more impactful than Vasquez’s. However, Vasquez remained competitive, connecting with powerful punches, particularly in the middle rounds when Suarez’s pace slowed, forcing him into toe-to-toe exchanges.

In the final round, both fighters engaged in an exciting exchange in the center of the ring, thrilling the crowd. Despite the spirited effort from Vasquez, Suarez’s calculated approach, marked by jabs and well-timed straights, ensured he secured the round and, ultimately, the victory.

Final results

Charly Suarez’s triumph maintained his unblemished record and showcased his determination and resilience, fighting through a broken hand to secure the win. The victory is a testament to his skill and fortitude in the ring, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his future performances.

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